Next week's Live Spotlight: BURAKA SOM SISTEMA - November 22nd - Aula Magna

Beginning as a residency on a Lisbon nightclub, BURAKA SOM SISTEMA has grown from a small group of portuguese DJs infatuated with the angolan Kuduro rhythms to a full-grown international sensation, a well-oiled machine focused in making you shake and dance to their infectious beats.
Last October has seen the première of "Off The Beaten Track", a documentary about their rough path to stardom. After several screenings throughout Europe, the film will finally be presented in Lisbon and will be followed by a live concert from the band, playing home-field and at the top of their game, so be sure not to miss this electrifying celebration of a crew specialized in celebrating.

Aula Magna (near Cidade Universitária) -> location of the venue
November 22nd (Friday), 21:30
€ 18,00