Portugal, a major colonial player in the past, home of many migrants and destination of several more, has always been a great place to find records from everywhere in the world. It took a French-born DJ to turn this diversity into the focus of a record shop. Welcome to TABATÔ RECORDS!

Bastien (a.k.a. Selecta Orka) is the guy behind this enterprise. Previously based inside alternative venue Crew Hassan, he has relocated to an old fish market and turned it into a cosy nest for music from all origins. Music from Portuguese-speaking African countries, Brazilian music and Reggae/Dub are the main dishes, but you can also find a generous offer of jazz, soul/funk, disco, electronica, alternative and good ol' rock'n'roll, in both used and new vinyl, CDs and even cassettes!

The shop is situated in central Lisbon (between the Anjos and Arroios neighborhoods), and it's a haven for all eclectic music lovers that don't care about the nationality of their music - they will find a new home at Tabatô Records!

Rua de Arroios, 11B
1150-019 Lisboa

Opening hours:
Mon. to Sat. - 15:00 to 20:00
Closed on Sundays