"Punk's not dead", we've heard oh so many times before.
Well, one thing is certain: at NEAT RECORDS, punk is alive and well, and kept in good company with all other genres which are also available, in all formats and all prices!

Neat Records was founded by a couple of longtime friends: Rafael (which you might know from his previous shop, Megastore, and his label Monolith Records) and Eduardo (from label Can I Say Records).

The shop has a big emphasis on punk (if you hadn't noticed already) and other heavy genres, but it has a bit of everything, both on vinyl and CD, used and new. You'll find cheapos, promotions, and most of all, a great and varied catalogue waiting for your visit!

A central location (it's in the Arroios neighborhood) and two friendly hosts add up to the attraction of checking out this very nice record shop. In short, it's NEAT NEAT NEAT!

Rua Rebelo da Silva, 55B
1000-254 Lisboa

Opening hours:
Mon. to Sat. - 12:00 to 19:30
Closed on Sundays

RIP Megastore

It's with a heavy heart that LRS announces the demise of MEGASTORE by Largo.
The current state of affairs caused by COVID-19 has turned a difficult situation into one impossible to maintain. Fortunately, both Nuno from A Record A Day and Rafael from Monolith will remain active: Nuno keeps selling records every Saturday at the Ladra fair, while Rafael may be found on his new shop, Neat Records. Life has to go on!