Live music venues in Lisbon, a guide - Part One

Lisbon Record Shops has ceased to have a regular list of live music concerts - but this guide will help YOU, the music-loving Lisbon visitor, to find great live music during your stay in our wonderful city.

First of all, you can check Viral Agenda for a list of what's happening.

If you just want to know where to go out and see some good live music, here's a small list of great venues where you won't be disappointed:

- Galeria Zé dos Bois (in Bairro Alto): The mecca of alternative music in Lisbon, in the middle of Bairro Alto. Here you'll find the cutting edge of music, from rock to hip hop without forgetting electronica, folk or jazz, and sometimes everything at once. No rules, just incredible music.
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- Sabotage Club (near Cais do Sodré): A sweaty cave in Cais do Sodré, in which you can always count for great rock gigs. Be it heavy or psychedelic, it's guaranteed to be great.
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- B.Leza (near Cais do Sodré): If you're a fan of the African smooth sounds, this is the place for you. Here you'll find the cream of Portuguese-speaking African artists, serving hot rhythms to dance throughout the night.
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- Musicbox (near Cais do Sodré): Also on the vibrant Cais do Sodré, this venue offers a very different array of live music gigs, but is known for its clubbing sessions at late hours, always betting on the new fringes of danceable electronica, sometimes with shades of hip hop or world music.
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- RCA Club (near Alvalade): If metal is your thing, you won't be disappointed. Here you'll find the heavier stuff, be it death, black, doom or plain good ol' heavy metal. From AOR to the most recent skullcrushing tendencies, RCA is a place you can call home.
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- Casa Independente (near Intendente): A marvellous spot to snack, chill with friends and listen to great music, live and otherwise.
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Stay tuned for a second part of this guide in a near future!


It's that time of the year again: Record Store Day is back this Saturday and Lisbon record stores are no exception when it comes to promotions, events and special items! So here's what you can expect from our associate shops:
  • Sound Club Store: Multibuy promotions (buy 4 take 1 free) in similar prices, as well as vinyl at €1 and €2.50! And you can always count on shop owner Alexandre Barbosa to play some nasty grooves while you're digging!
  • Discolecção: 20% discount on CDs and 10% discount on vinyl.
  • Vinil Experience: Various promotions on LPs, 7"s and CDs, and also surprise gifts with €50 and €100 purchases!
  • Peekaboo: 50% discount on selected items, and also open DJ booth and beer for customers (check event here)!
  • Glam-O-Rama: Every buying customer will receive a compilation CD, chosen by the store.
  • TNT: RSD items and 20% discount on stock selections.
  • Carpet and Snares: 10% discount on all items, an exclusive homegrown RSD release, free beer and DJ sets by the house DJs (Jorge Caiado, Roy, Miguel Melo) and guest DJ VIL (HAYES Collective)!
Meanwhile, in the non-LRS affiliated shops' camp, Flur will host gigs by UNITEDSTATESOF and Bruxas/Cobras as well as a DJ set by Beautify Junkyards (check event here), while Amor Records will have discounts, promotions, drinks and DJ sets by Berllioz and Zenner (check event here).

As always, we'll be updating this list as more information becomes available. Prepare your savings and support Lisbon's indie record shops while expanding your record collection!

Record Fairs: Feira de Vinil de Lisboa

There's a new record fair in town and it's going to happen inside one of the most traditional fairs in Lisbon! The Lisbon Vinyl Fair (or in Portuguese, Feira de Vinil de Lisboa) is happening on the 13th and 14th of April, inside the Sta. Marta Market building, which is exactly in the middle of the Ladra fair area (at least on Saturday the 14th).
Between the confirmed sellers are well-established brick-and-mortar shops like Groovie Records, TNT, Megastore, Peekaboo, Amor Records and Carbono Amadora, as well as several online sellers and collectors. Prepare your cash money: you're going to need it!

Feira de Vinil de Lisboa
Mercado de Santa Clara (near Graça/Santa Apolónia) -> Campo de Santa Clara
April 14th and 15th (Saturday and Sunday), 10:00 to 20:00

R.I.P. Magic Bus

It's with a heavy heart that LRS announces the demise of one of its first members. Magic Bus had been forced to relocate last November from Calçada do Duque to Avenida da Liberdade, and the change was fatal for a already waning business.
Pedro will remain active though, with a online presence in Facebook and Discogs, as well as physically selling records on Lisbon's weekly fairs (Ladra and LX Factory) - so you can still say hello and buy records from him in person! We'll miss that marvellous graffiti on the front of the old shop though :(