Next week's Live Music suggestions: 1st to 7th September

With the beginning of September comes the cultural rentrée, and Lisbon starts to vibrate with great music everywhere. Along with the weekly highlight on live performances of portuguese artists, LRS will bring you a small digest with some of the main music events going on the following week (starting tomorrow already!):

01/09, Sunday
Graça ao Re-verso Festival, w/ Sequin + JP Simões + Nuno Prata + Samuel Úria + Jorge Rivotti
Voz do Operário (near Graça) -> location of the venue
17:30 - Free Entrance

03/09, Tuesday
Damien Jurado + William Tyler
MusicBox (near Cais do Sodré) -> location of the venue
22:30 - € 8,00

04/09, Wednesday
Built to Spill
Lux (near Sta. Apolónia) -> location of the venue
22:00 - € 20,00

05/09, Thursday
Jucifer + A Tree of Signs
Sabotage Club (near Cais do Sodré) -> location of the venue
22:00 - € 8,00 pre-sale / € 10,00 on the day of the event

06/09, Friday
ERP Remember Cascais Festival, w/ Roger Hodgson + Level 42 + José Cid & Big Band
Hipódromo Manuel Possolo (Cascais) -> location of the venue
21:00 - € 30,00 one day / € 50,00 both days

07/09, Saturday
ERP Remember Cascais Festival, w/ The Waterboys + GNR + Opus
Hipódromo Manuel Possolo (Cascais) -> location of the venue
21:00 - € 30,00 one day / € 50,00 both days

Next week's Live Spotlight: MÁRCIA - September 6th - Galeria Zé dos Bois

In spite of being a relatively small venue, Galeria Zé dos Bois is the mecca of all things alternative in Lisbon. Set in the heart of the Bairro Alto, ZdB (as it's usually known) is half art gallery, half concert hall, having also a terrace on the top floor, where films are shown through September. Next friday, music will return to the "aquarium" room in ZdB after the summer break, courtesy of Márcia.
With her sweet voice, lovely arrangements and personal lyrics, Márcia has become one of the most loved singer-songwriters from the '00s national batch. Her latest album, Casulo, is inspired by her recent pregnancy, and is a showcase of her evolution as a songwriter, ranking with other worthy songsmiths like Aimee Mann, Bon Iver or Elliott Smith. Take this opportunity to know both ZdB and Márcia, on September 6th at 22:00.

Galeria Zé dos Bois -> location of the venue
September 6th (friday), 22:00
Entrance: € 10,00 on presale in Flur, Matéria Prima or ZdB
                     € 12,00 on the day of the concert

Next week's Live Spotlight: JP SIMÕES - August 30th - Museu do Chiado

Since the start of his career on the fertile '90s alternative scene, JP Simões has been working to be one of the best Portuguese singer-songwriters. Bands like Belle Chase Hotel or Quinteto Tati had already showcased his knack for songcraft, mixing Leonard Cohen-classicism, jazz elegance and alt.rock energy, but the release of his first solo album, 1970 (the year of his birth), exposed his greatest passion: bossa-nova, as professed by the late great Tom Jobim. With a new album in the stores called Roma, where he expands on his previous musical palette, JP Simões will no doubt conquer the hearts of those who haven't yet been converted.

MNAC - Museu do Chiado -> location of the venue
August 30th (friday), 19:30
Free entrance


In the middle of Bairro Alto, privileged site for nocturnal bohemia, stands one of the best places to find both danceable and difficult sounds in Lisbon. MATÉRIA PRIMA is a Lisbon offshoot of the main shop in Porto with the same name, but it serves exactly the same kind of food for thought as its counterpart.

Electronica, both dancefloor-oriented and abstract, alternative rock, including the drone and noise-based kind, as well as other leftfield genres, like kosmiche or even electroacoustic music, are part of the usual menu.
The shop stores both CD and vinyl formats, mostly new, though you can also find some used vinyl. A fine selection of art, culture, design and music magazines is also available.

The staff is affable and knowledgeable, so if you're looking for something, do ask.
Even if you're not a noisenik, a lover of soundscapes or a DJ looking for the trendiest grooves, make sure you visit MATÉRIA PRIMA and get ready to explore a new soundworld.

Rua da Rosa, 197 (Bairro Alto)
1200-383 LISBOA

Opening hours:
Mon. to Sat. - 14:00 to 20:00
Closed on Sundays

Next week's Live Spotlight: AFONSO PAIS - August 22nd - Jardim Botânico da Ajuda

Afonso Pais is a jazz guitarist who has been recently gaining some notoriety, though he's been releasing records since 2004. His record with bossa nova-influenced singer JP Simões, brought critical acclaim to both artists, and he's now experimenting further: his latest offering, "Terra Concreta" has been recorded in the middle of nature, letting the surrounding elements be a part of the music. The album sessions took place in seven different nature parks in Portugal and one in Indonesia. Trying to bring this nature feeling to his live presentations, Afonso Pais will certainly make use of the beautiful surroundings of the Ajuda Botanical Garden on next week's concert, in trio format.

Jardim Botânico da Ajuda -> location of the venue
August 22nd (thursday), 18:00
Entrance: € 4,00

The Map = The Secret

Have you tried the Lisbon Record Shops map? Well, it guarantees that you, fellow record-scavenging fiend, will find your way to all the sweet spots you won't want to miss in this lovely city.
It's on the sidebar. Try it out!

Next week's Live Spotlight: TÓ TRIPS - August 16th - Museu do Chiado

Half of the Portuguese mystery-blues duo Dead Combo, TÓ TRIPS is an extraordinary guitarist. Cutting his teeth with 90's alt-rock band Lulu Blind, his musical vision only came to fruition on Dead Combo, where influences like Marc Ribot and Tom Waits are mixed with the feeling of Fado and African tinges.
After the release of Guitarra 66 (his first solo album) where he swaps electric for classical guitar, Trips has been dividing his time between Dead Combo and solo gigs. Next Friday, you'll have a shot at experiencing Tó Trips live at Museu do Chiado, Lisbon's contemporary art museum, for free.

MNAC - Museu do Chiado -> location of the venue
August 16th (friday), 19:30
Free entrance