Next week's Live Spotlight: JP SIMÕES - August 30th - Museu do Chiado

Since the start of his career on the fertile '90s alternative scene, JP Simões has been working to be one of the best Portuguese singer-songwriters. Bands like Belle Chase Hotel or Quinteto Tati had already showcased his knack for songcraft, mixing Leonard Cohen-classicism, jazz elegance and alt.rock energy, but the release of his first solo album, 1970 (the year of his birth), exposed his greatest passion: bossa-nova, as professed by the late great Tom Jobim. With a new album in the stores called Roma, where he expands on his previous musical palette, JP Simões will no doubt conquer the hearts of those who haven't yet been converted.

MNAC - Museu do Chiado -> location of the venue
August 30th (friday), 19:30
Free entrance