In the middle of Bairro Alto, privileged site for nocturnal bohemia, stands one of the best places to find both danceable and difficult sounds in Lisbon. MATÉRIA PRIMA is a Lisbon offshoot of the main shop in Porto with the same name, but it serves exactly the same kind of food for thought as its counterpart.

Electronica, both dancefloor-oriented and abstract, alternative rock, including the drone and noise-based kind, as well as other leftfield genres, like kosmiche or even electroacoustic music, are part of the usual menu.
The shop stores both CD and vinyl formats, mostly new, though you can also find some used vinyl. A fine selection of art, culture, design and music magazines is also available.

The staff is affable and knowledgeable, so if you're looking for something, do ask.
Even if you're not a noisenik, a lover of soundscapes or a DJ looking for the trendiest grooves, make sure you visit MATÉRIA PRIMA and get ready to explore a new soundworld.

Rua da Rosa, 197 (Bairro Alto)
1200-383 LISBOA

Opening hours:
Mon. to Sat. - 14:00 to 20:00
Closed on Sundays