Next week's Live Spotlight: BARREIRO ROCKS! 2013 - November 30th - Grupo Desportivo Os Ferroviários

Already an institution amongst fans, BARREIRO ROCKS is a festival dedicated to the rawest kinds of electric blues and rock n' roll. Held on the city that lends its name, Barreiro Rocks celebrates this year its 13th anniversary, and although the lineup hasn't as many international names as it had in the past, the quality of the roster is untouchable.
Apart from headliner Mark Sultan (half of The King Khan & BBQ Show), the other bands represent the cream of Portuguese raw blues-rock: Nick Nicotine, one of the festival's founders, is present with his Nicotine's Orchestra, as well as other main players of the genre: Fast Eddie Nelson and Murdering Tripping Blues. Other highlights include Victor Torpedo (from the late Tédio Boys and Parkinsons) and his solo Show or the baptist-punk supergroup Xungaria no Céu, with several musicians from the DIY label Flor Caveira.
Take a trip to the other side of the Tagus river, and plunge into a mayhem of grimy electricity. Barreiro ROCKS!

BARREIRO ROCKS! 2013 w/ Mark Sultan + Murdering Tripping Blues + Xungaria no Céu + Nicotine's Orchestra + Victor Torpedo Show + Fast Eddie Nelson + Pista + Tiger Picnic + Los Saguaros
Grupo Desportivo "Os Ferroviários" (in Barreiro) -> location of the venue
November 30th (Saturday), 21:00
€ 10,00