Next week's Live Spotlight: THE QUARTET OF WOAH! - September 13th - MusicBox

Judging from the last Spotlight choices, you would think that Portugal's musical hopes lie exclusively on the singer-songwriting camp. Well, absolutely not so. A good example (and many other bands could apply) is The Quartet Of Woah!, whose moniker interjection is completely justified by the explosive delivery of their music and live performances.
A mixture of heavy prog and stoner rock, with added Ray Manzarek-style organ and classic blues bellowing (courtesy of keyboardist Rui Guerra and guitarist Gonçalo Kotowicz), the sound of the Quartet is well represented on their debut album, Ultrabomb, but make sure you catch them live. Next Friday the 13th will be a lucky omen for rockers, as The Quartet Of Woah! takes the stage at the MusicBox near Cais do Sodré. Don't you dare miss it!

MusicBox (near Cais do Sodré) -> location of the venue
September 13th (friday), 24:00
Entrance: € 8,00 (includes free drink)