Next week's Live Spotlight: MÁRIO LAGINHA TRIO - September 18th - Culturgest

Mário Laginha is one of the greatest portuguese jazz musicians, period. With the piano as his instrument of choice (he let go of the guitar in his youth after listening to Keith Jarrett), he made his name on a long-lasting collaboration with Maria João, a versatile and wide-range singer whose vocal fireworks married perfectly the melodic and floaty arrangements of Laginha's piano work.
Not a stranger to leading his own groups, this trio presentation brings a novelty to Laginha's work: he discarded the drums and added a portuguese guitar, instrument seldom used in jazz environments. Inspired by portuguese guitar masters like Carlos Paredes, Pedro Caldeira Cabral and Ricardo Rocha, which expanded the instrument's use outside its fado tradition, Mário Laginha will try to broaden it a bit more, and probably expand jazz's own limits.

Mário Laginha with Carlos Paredes, the greatest portuguese guitar player of all time

Culturgest (near Campo Pequeno) -> location of the venue
September 18th (wednesday), 21:30
Entrance: € 15,00