Next week's Live Spotlight: FILHO DA MÃE - September 27th - Palácio da Independência

Portugal has a history of amazing guitar players; not the electric shredding kind, but mainly acoustic, creative and full of feeling. We've spoken of Carlos Paredes and his portuguese-guitar-playing progeny before, but there are also those that, inspired by the sound and flow of Paredes' style, have mixed it with the folk stylings of John Fahey or Davey Graham, developing an electrifying take on the acoustic guitar. Currently well-known cases of this are Norberto Lobo and FILHO DA MÃE.
Born Rui Carvalho, grown as a guitarist within the hardcore scene, and mostly known for his work on If Lucy Fell, a fleeting though extremely intense and influential mathcore band, he took Filho da Mãe (literally "son of a mother", a portuguese typical expression which meaning is approximate to "son of a gun") as moniker for his acoustic solo project, originally a stop-gap between his work in bands. Having only released the album Palácio in 2011 and a split 7" with Linda Martini (one of the most important bands in the current portuguese alt-rock scene, whose members have worked with Carvalho in other side-projects), we hope that Filho da Mãe keeps weaving his magic for years to come. Don't lose this opportunity to see this marvellous guitarrist in action, courtesy of the Lisbon Week 2013 programme, with the added bonus of getting to visit the beautiful Independence Palace near Rossio.

Palácio da Independência (near Rossio) -> location of the venue
September 27th (friday), 19:00
Entrance: € 7,00