Next week's Live Spotlight: PEIXE : AVIÃO + LONG WAY TO ALASKA - October 5th - Centro Cultural de Belém

On the last 10 years, Portugal has witnessed an exponential growth of quality bands. Though popularity only comes for a select few, because of a fluke hit, sudden exposure on media or pure and simple hard work, the majority of the ones who do get public attention have palpable talent. Two examples of the above come from Braga (on the North of Portugal) and are sharing a bill next week in Lisbon.
Peixe : Avião were tagged from the beginning as the "portuguese Radiohead", and anyone who listens to them can spot the influence of the Oxford-bred band, with emphasis on the Hail to the Thief / In Rainbows period (experimental rock with pop leanings). This is not a bad thing, as influence here is works as inspiration, and the band have been able to discover their own voice and develop their style. You can find proof of this on their new self-titled album which they are going to present next saturday in Belém's Cultural Centre. Opening the venue are Long Way To Alaska, one of Portugal's answers to the Summer melodies and harmonies of Beach Boys, filtered through Fleet Foxes. Their lilting and breezy compositions will offer a curious counterpoint to the more dense and complex soundscapes generated by their fellow townsmen.

Centro Cultural de Belém -> location of the venue
October 5th (saturday), 21:00
Entrance: € 11,00 (laterals) / € 13,50 (stalls)