Next week's Live Spotlight: NORBERTO LOBO / HIP HOP ALL STARS - October 31st / November 1st

Last week there was no Live Spotlight, so this week we'll make it double! This Halloween, there are two events next week regarding Portuguese music which require our full attention: first, the incredible guitar playing of Norberto Lobo, and second, the Hip Hop All Stars night, with the cream of the new portuguese hip hop generation.
On the 31st of October, we have Norberto Lobo, a guitar player which style evokes simultaneously the tradition of Carlos Paredes, the fingerpicking of John Fahey and the experimentalism of Six Organs of Admittance's Ben Chasny. Mainly an acoustic player but occasionally dealing with electric noise as well, Lobo always transmits his immense sensibility through his instrument, lulling you, making you awe or simply making you tap your feet.
On the 1st of November, we have the first edition of Hip Hop All Stars, a hip hop fest with a great selection of the latest portuguese rappers, like Regula, Sir Scratch, Jimmy P. and many others. If you're into hip hop, this is a great opportunity to feel the pulse of the local scene.

Club B.Leza (near Cais do Sodré) -> location of the venue
October 31st (Thursday), 22:30
€ 8,00
HIP HOP ALL STARS w/ Regula, Jimmy P, NGA & Prodígio, Sir Scratch, Malaba & Dillaz, plus 2 Knockout League battles
Coliseu dos Recreios (near Rossio) -> location of the venue
November 1st (Friday), 22:00
€ 25,00