Next week's Live Spotlight: LINDA MARTINI - October 12th - Sala Tejo (MEO Arena)

As in many other countries, the noisy punk seed planted by Nirvana in the minds of impressionable youths and subsequent discovery of a whole new world of jagged heavy music, gave way to the creation of unaccountable alt.rock and punk bands in Portugal. Many of those bands didn't last more than a few months, some held on long enough to play some live gigs, but amongst the debris, there were people with genuine will to make great music and devote their life to it. Linda Martini are a group of these people.
Formed in 2003 from the remains of other punk/hardcore bands from the outskirts of Lisbon, Linda Martini have gained momentum during the last ten years, and they are now one of the most loved alternative bands in the country. Having just released their 3rd album, Turbo Lento (their first for a major), the band is going to present it next Saturday at Sala Tejo, the adjacent venue to the bigger MEO Arena (previously Pavilhão Atlântico) on the beautiful Parque das Nações. Expect nothing less than a celebration of sonic teen spirit.

Sala Tejo (MEO Arena) (near Oriente - Parque das Nações) -> location of the venue
October 12th (Saturday), 22:00
Entrance: € 12,00