Next week's Live Spotlight: DEOLINDA + GAITEIROS DE LISBOA - November 6th - Cinema São Jorge

Misty Fest is a urban music festival that started in Sintra in 2010, moved to Lisbon in 2012 and this year branches out to different cities throughout Portugal. One of the most curious events of this year's edition is an encounter of two bands who dedicate their career to updating Portuguese traditional music: DEOLINDA and GAITEIROS DE LISBOA.
The first project takes the tradition of the fado vadio (instilled by the powerful voice of Ana Bacalhau) crossing it with jazz groove and pop sensibility. The second takes pure folk themes and lyrics, using bagpipes and other wind instruments of all shapes and sizes plus layers of percussion to create something which SOUNDS like folk but is firmly innovative. Both bands are going to cross repertoires, playing songs and working as extended formations of one another, so it's bound to be interesting!

Cinema São Jorge (on Avenida da Liberdade) -> location of the venue
October 16th (Wednesday), 21:00
€ 15,00