Record Fairs: Feira de Discos de Vinil de Lisboa

November 2015 will surely be remembered as the month with the most record fairs ever in Lisbon: four fairs, all happening in different places! And the last one is bound to be a blast - Feira de Discos de Vinil de Lisboa (or Lisbon Vinyl Record Fair for the non-portuguese speakers) has been organized by Groovie Records (part of our family of record shops) and is taking place next Saturday in one of Lisbon's most typical (and central) neighbourhoods, Anjos.
There's a whole lot of confirmed dealers (including international shops like Vinylmania from Belgium) and private collectors, so there will be no shortage of black plastic to browse! But there's lots more happening - an drawing exposition from artist Esgar Acelerado, an independent label and distributor meeting/discussion, a viewing of "Barreiro Rocks" (a new documentary about the festival with the same name, followed by the presentation of this year's edition) and some live garage-rock, courtesy of The Brooms!
If you're a collector or even just a music fan, make sure you find time to visit this mega-event - you won't regret it!

Feira de Discos de Vinil de Lisboa
Taberna Das Almas (near Anjos/Intendente) -> Regueirão dos Anjos, 60
Facebook event here
November 28th (Saturday), 10:00 to 21:00