Next week's Live Spotlight: GISELA JOÃO - January 25th - Centro Cultural de Belém

Fado, as you probably know by now, is the most distinctive Portuguese-bred musical genre and Amália Rodrigues is its icon, due to her incredible voice and active role as its ambassadress, particularly of the Lisbon brand. Many were the female fado performers dubbed as "the next Amália": Dulce Pontes, Mariza or most recently, Ana Moura and Carminho are just a few of the contenders. But since last year, a new name has risen in popularity: Gisela João.
This northerner of small but striking figure has awed crowds with her raw and emotive delivery, after her self-titled album showcased her genuine approach to Lisbon's traditional song. Make sure you see her live: on Saturday the 25th you have a great opportunity for doing so!

Gisela João
Centro Cultural de Belém -> location of the venue
January 25th, 21:00
€ 5.00 to € 18.00