Since its creation in 2004, Crew Hassan, a cultural association, has promoted music gigs, DJ sets and an alternative independent lifestyle in Lisbon. After some relocations, it has landed on the Intendente neighbourhood - this time including a full-fledged record shop on the inside called Tabatô Records!

Reggae DJ Selecta Orka (aka Mr. Goodvibes) is the guy after this enterprise and he has amassed a fairly wide selection of used vinyl and CDs, spanning all genres from prog to punk, including heavy metal, classic and indie rock as well as world music, and a specialised section of reggae and dub. Take heed: there's a lot of rarities to be found!

If you're looking for a spot in Lisbon to chill out, have a drink and browse through some quality vinyl, go to Crew Hassan and check out Tabatô Records!

Rua Andrade, 8A
1170-016 Lisboa

Opening hours:
Mon. to Sat. - 14:00 to 22:00
Closed on Sundays