Record Fairs: 2ª Feira do Vinil LxMarket

And here it comes again! The second edition of the LxMarket vinyl fair is taking place on November the 30th (Sunday), 10 months after its successful debut. Once again taking place at Lx Factory near Alcântara but this time at the XL hall (a bigger hall than the one where the previous fair was held), it will gather record shops, independent labels and distributors, with an obvious emphasis in vinyl records but also with other formats and merchandising available.
Again produced by A Record A Day and LxMarket, the fair will also have DJ sets by Gasparov (Iberian Records), Pan Sorbe and Trol2000. And being Sunday, the regular LxMarket will be happening simultaneously, presenting its usual offer of urban handicraft, used clothes, furniture, books, among other things, so you can provide other types of entertainment for your better half!

2ª Feira do Vinil LxMarket
LX Factory (XL Hall / Pavilhão XL) (near Alcântara) -> location of the venue
November 30th (Sunday), 11:00 to 19:00