Keepers Of The Flame: Gonçalo Troçolo (Twice)

On the second edition of Keepers Of The Flame (LRS' feature about Lisbon record shop managers), we speak to Gonçalo Troçolo, owner of Twice, one of the cosiest record shops in Lisbon. Gonçalo gave us the pleasure to share his thoughts about his passion for music and the perks of being in this business.
What's the importance of music in your life?
A bit like air - necessary. Always. And in the best quality possible!

What's your favourite music genre?
Mainly music! I listen to very diverse things.

Vinyl or CD? Why?
As in the answer above: music, mainly. Vinyl as a whole - its artwork, its sound, its history, its collectability - [but also] the other media for their functionality.

What's the album of your life?
Kraftwerk's “The Man Machine”. I believe it was the record that made me take, once and for all, the plunge into music... to this day!

Why sell records? What brought you to this business?
Sheer pleasure. Being in touch with people who share the same tastes, sharing experiences, as well as discovering records and persons.

Is the customer always right or are there exceptions to the rule?
He's not always right. Not in any way. He only has the advantage to present himself as "customer".

Can one still make money selling records? Do you recommend this line of work to anyone?
I don't have any certainties, particularly because as a physical shop I'm in it recently. But yeah, I think that you can make money and that there's money to be made, [but] you have to really love [the business] and know how to measure your personal taste against the need to make a profit. If you can't find that balance than I wouldn't recommend it.

What is the most valuable record you've sold? And the most curious one?
[The most valuable record] is yet to come! As for the most curious, well... a somewhat lost album from a Québécois band [sold] to a Québécois couple who bet that I wouldn't have anything from their country!

Tell me an interesting episode that has taken place in your shop.
Interesting? Well, from what I can recall, and this was recently, having a crowded shop - which means about 8 people - at 11.30pm in a friendly chat, listening to music and losing track of time! You have to love it, right?

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