Next week's Live Spotlight: MLER IFE DADA - February 14th - Centro Cultural de Belém

During the '80s, portuguese music broke itself free from most of its past dogmas, a delayed effect of the UK punk explosion and subsequent post-punk reconstruction. A band of true innovators from this era, MLER IFE DADA are getting back together again, 30 years after the start of their career, and 23 years after the end of the band's original run.
Known by their exquisite mixture of pop, jazz, fado and ethnic sounds, Mler ife Dada return in a new incarnation, led by Nuno Rebelo (the only original member of the band) and Anabela Duarte (its most charismatic singer), who will present new versions of their songs live. It's probably your last chance to meet one of the most original portuguese bands ever!

Mler ife Dada
Centro Cultural de Belém -> location of the venue
February 14th (Friday), 21:00
€ 23.00 to € 29.00